My love of expressive clothing started from the time I could dress myself and rapidly progressed into a fully-fledged vintage obsession. I love the character and singularity of each piece and the idea of reinventing it into a new style, my own style, with no boundaries. My wardrobe soon overflowed with incredible pieces Iā€™d scouted from all over the world and my bedroom became a permanent shopping and styling experience for my friends. From here, Marlow Vintage was born. Marlow Vintage now stocks over 100 new pieces a week, sourced predominately from the USA, Japan and Australia. 

Vintage allows you to express yourself in a way that is totally unique to you, far removed from the flock of mainstream fashion. All our clothing is one of a kind, hand selected with a focus on quality, design and originality. We have a vision for each piece, which means that sometimes we alter and tailor the clothes to create the perfect style and fit.

Vintage is all about mixing it up, wearing clothes that express your individual style and personality.  Taking the best of yesterday and reinventing it for today. There are no rules in vintage. Be confident and bold. If you love it, wear it, and OWN IT.