Curated vintage fashion for women who want to shop sustainably without compromising on style.

What started as a love of all things vintage, eventually blossomed into Marlow Vintage.

I hand pick each and every vintage piece, inspired by unique designs, quality fabrics and the intricate details of each garment.

Marlow Vintage offers vintage fashion that ranges from classic minimalist staple pieces, to wildly extravagant one of a kind pieces.  I believe that vintage clothing can work seamlessly with any wardrobe.

“What I stand for, is what I stand on”
Wendell Berry

Sustainability is a core value of Marlow Vintage.  By buying and selling vintage and pre-loved clothing, I hope to promote more sustainable and ethical fashion choices, while minimising our footprint on the earth.

I hope you love Marlow Vintage as much as I do.


Vintage lover, curator and founder of Marlow Vintage